OSX Screensaver 1.1    
  A screensaver program for OSX

This program is a stand-alone screensaver for OSX. It doesn't use OSX's screensaver framework, but instead runs as a separate application. It displays any Quicktime-compatible movie on the screen (.mov, .mpg, or .avi).

You can display the movie in its original size or fill the screen. You can also keep the movie's original aspect ratio.You have the ability to adjust the volume of the sound if the movie contains a soundtrack. Besides setting the typical idle timer, you can also specify hot corners where you can immediately start the screensaver or disable it. Since this screensaver is very useful for running company logos and such, you can also float the movie around the screen to prevent burn-in.

OSX Screensaver 1.1.sit (1.0 MB)


Free of charge for non-commercial purposes. For commercial use or inclusion in a commerical product, contact the author at bornstein@designeq.com