Emailer Cleanup 1.3    

  This utility will only be useful to you if you are running Claris Emailer.

This utility will automatically delete the unwanted "enclosed.html" files (as well as .vcf, .dat, .exe, and .zip files) that tend to clog up the Claris Emailer Downloads folder. You can also specify up to seven additional file type extensions for Emailer Cleanup to clean.

Put an alias of this program into your Startup folder and it will automatically keep your Downloads folder free from these unwanted files. (If you have an earlier version of Emailer Cleanup installed under OS 9, do not keep the old file in the folder that this version runs in. Delete it before running this version)

Emailer Cleanup PPC 1.3.sit (958KB)

Emailer Cleanup OSX 1.3.sit (1 MB)



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