Design EQ considers the written word to be the cornerstone of modern communications. Here are some of the books we've authored or co-authored over the years.

(Here are some books I'd like to write someday!)

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Howard Bornstein: The Unauthorized Autobiography. DEQ Press. Publication delayed.

Falcon 4.0 User's Guide. Microprose. 1998

Aikido From the Inside Out. DEQ Press. 1998. Read it online here.

MacWorld Home Office Companion. IDG Books Worldwide. 1996.

Falcon 3--The Official Combat Strategy Book. Prima Publishing. 1993.

Guide to the AR1000. DEQ Press. 1993. Available online here.

Turn & Burn. COMPUTE! Books. 1990.

Under the Apple. InfoBooks. 1987.

MS-DOS Technical Reference Encyclopedia. Microsoft Press. 1986.

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